pdf 283 KB

Complying with health and safety regulations and working conditions: place of performance or country of origin principle?

von Pandora Kunz-Notter und Meike Pauletzki
August 2020

pdf 191 KB

Revocation of an award decision and reawarding of the contract by the appeal body: on what conditions can the contract by awarded directly to another bidder in the tender procedure?

von Regula Fellner und Martin Zobl
Juni 2020

pdf 259 KB

La révision de la Loi sur les marchés publics est achevée

von Pandora Kunz-Notter und Hugh Reeves
April 2020

pdf 213 KB

Update zur Revision des Beschaffungsrechts

von Pandora Kunz-Notter
Juli 2019

pdf 328 KB

Obligation to tender for listed cantonal hospitals: verdict of the Swiss Federal Supreme Court 2C_196/2017 of 21 February 2019 on the matter of “GZO-Spital Wetzikon”

von Daniel Zimmerli und Martin Zobl
März 2019